OK, I have to admit – I picked this title because it might catch the eye of someone engrossed in too much politics.

But, this is not about politics.

It is about worship.

It is about my journey of understanding worship.

Once upon a time I worshiped with order – standing when the leader said “please stand,” sitting when he said “be seated.”

I liked this a lot – it was easy.

Then I visited another church – it was chaos.

People sat, stood, walked around – ran around – screamed and shouted.

I did not like this – it was strange.

Then my bride and I were privileged to lead a youth choir.  I watched them worship.

I did not like it – it judged me.

Now don’t get me wrong – they did not judge me – but their worship did. I saw in their faces – with closed, tear-streamed eyes being lifted towards heaven – relationship – pure, childlike, innocent love for God.

They communed directly with the Holy Spirit – as He communed directly with them – an intimate spiritual dialog.

As He spoke to them, reminding them of His love for them, some would raise a hand – ever so slightly. Others would sway – with eyes closed – in perfect, unscripted, oblivious unison with each other.

Some would fall to their knees.

I did not like it – it drove me to covet.

How could I have this intimacy too? How could I engage in such intimate worship too? What has this spiritual “pro” missed that they have not.

As if a heavenly hand came forward towards the stone wall of my mind’s eye, the words of the Holy Spirit wrote on my heart.

“Know me, and you shall know yourself.”

True worship can only happen when we realize just how great God is – and how much we are not. Then the enormity of His love can be felt – not understood – but felt. Then the heart can sing out in thanksgiving and praise – in intimate communion with God.

Move me, Holy Spirit, to respond in worship to You alone – not the example or judgment of others.

Let my love for You cause me…

to weep…

to stand…

to raise my hands…

or even to fall on my knees.


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