We have always considered our website to be an important instrument in our mission. We put a lot of thought into how it is organized and what information is available to visitors. We also spend a lot of time tweaking it and adding subtle features.

I have become increasingly more fond of the NET Bible and have begun to use it more and more in my studies and in my preaching. I keep up with their RSS feed. Something caught my eye today, and I totally forgot what it was because when I got to their site something caught my interest that I am really psyched about.

Most bible sites give you a way of delivering scripture dynamically. Think "verse of the day". But, the folks at the NET Bible have added a really cool feature for your website, and made it so easy. Just by inserting a tiny bit of code into your header file, you will add this really cool feature.

What's the feature? Basically, whenever someone's mouse hovers over a scripture reference on your website, the user will get a convenient, on the spot, little window containing the bible passage at their cursor. The cool thing is that you do not have to edit your pages to add this functionality to all your scripture references. It automatically finds the references and does the work for you. All you have to do is add a small code snippet to your site. [Check it out here].


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