I love music. I am not the raving fan who knows all the members of every band or anything like that. But, I love music – particularly songs with words. I love the way a melody combined with reflective lyrics can convey so much emotion that cannot be captured with either alone. Lately, I’ve been reflecting a lot on the words of the worship songs I love. So much so, that when my 4-week turn came to teach Thrive Church’s teens, I decided to “deconstruct” 4 of their favorite worship songs.

Some of you might be surprised that while I love modern worship music, I also have a strong affinity for some hymns, and (even more surprising) I love Black Gospel Music. I mean I absolutely love it. If I were not the pastor of Thrive Church, I would probably find me an A.M.E. church somewhere with a *big* choir.

Today, an old favorite of mine came to mind: “Use Me“, by Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir.

Over and over in my head are these lines from the chorus:

Take my hands Lord and my feet

Touch my heart Lord, speak through me

If You can use anything Lord, You can use me

Here’s my paraphrase:

Whatever I do, use me. Wherever I go, use me.

Make my passion speak of Your love.

I don’t want to be bested by a rock or a stick – Lord, please, use me for Your purposes and Your passions.

What songs are speaking to you?

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  1. I have been musing on a potential blog post similar to this. 10 Secular Songs with Christian themes. For a while Peter Gabriel's song Solsbury Hill has been inspiring to me.

      1. Yeah. The recurring phrase of a voice saying, "Son, I've come to take you home," paired with his reference to turning water into wine seems undeniably a reference to that.

        1. Thanks for pointing that song out – never really paid much attention to the lyrics before. I especially relate to the line "So I went from day to day – Tho' my life was in a rut – "Till I thought of what I'd say – Which connection I should cut"

          My recent post useme

  2. We just concluded our Youth Revival last night, and all of us speakers for the event were overwhelmed with the worship to the point that each night when it was time to speak it felt like we were entering a dangerous arena where our cleverly prepared messages were no longer adequate. God had entered the music in such a way that anything less than a holy heart would have been consumed! Night after night we were forced by the Spirit to put our notes away and let God put us on and speak through us. Music when accompanied with God's Spirit is an unstoppable force for the Kingdom!

  3. Herb,
    Just saw your comment on my post and headed straight here…I love some Brooklyn Tab!
    "I Am Not Ashamed" and "His Grace Was Greater" are two of my all time favorites of theirs.

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