Ryan Tate gave me the honor of guest posting at his blog today. Thanks, Ryan! Here’s and excerpt:

When my daughter was in the first grade (she is now 22), I decide that I should get involved in her spiritual education. So, I volunteered to be an assistant teacher in her Caravans class (a Christian scouting program). The guy who taught the class, Gavin, was amazing and really loved the kids. I really began to respect him highly and wanted to be as helpful as possible to him in these classes. A couple of times, he asked me to fill-in as teacher when he could not make it during work. I enjoyed it and discovered that I do pretty well at teaching kids.

Every year they have a award ceremony where they award the kids the various sashes, patches, and badges that they’ve earned during the year. It really is quite an event and parents even invite family members who don’t normally come to that church to share in cheering the kids on. It’s really cool.

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