The picture attached to this post is of Molly-Grace. She is a Black Labrador – Golden Retriever mix. She was rescued from a very unfortunate situation, one of fourteen dogs vying for survival in poor conditions. She joined our family earlier this year. She is super sweet and affectionate. We feel so lucky to have found her at a pet adoption fair, and we love her a lot.

She’s been with us for several months now, but she is still adjusting. Don’t get me wrong, she is well aware of the very spoiled life that she now enjoys, and she takes full advantage of it. But, she still fears. We often wonder what happened in her life that made her so afraid. Even her nights are restless – she rarely makes it from dusk to dawn in peaceful slumber. It breaks our heart when the effects of fear have their way with her. How long before she no longer fears?

6 Many are asking, “Who can show us any good?”
Let the light of your face shine upon us, O LORD.

7 You have filled my heart with greater joy
than when their grain and new wine abound.

8 I will lie down and sleep in peace,
for you alone, O LORD,
make me dwell in safety.
(Psalm 4:6-8)

It isn’t easy going through this with her. There are many restless nights and mornings that come too early – but, we’ll be patient with her. Someday, Molly-Grace will no longer fear. Someday she will be able to lie down in peace, falling asleep with peaceful assurance through to the dawn – when she finally trusts in us.

I know this because I was once like Molly-Grace. I was rescued from a life of pain and fear. It took time, but eventually I learned to trust God and the new family I joined. I am thankful that He stuck with me – He gave comfort when I needed it, encouragement when I needed it – always His presence.

He’ll do that for you too.

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  1. Beautiful picture and illustration of what happens to all of us – the fear grips us and we have a hard time resting in Him.

    Thanks for the thoughts!

  2. This is very good Herb. There is something about fear that roots itself in and won’t let go. To be honest this touches a part of me that I had forgotten about. Thank you.

    1. “and won’t let go” – as you say that I am reminded of when Angel and I (and our children) made the leap of faith to go to Nazarene Bible College. We set the date and stuck to it, even without jobs! It took about a month for me to settle in and accept that God called me here and that He was going to protect us. It was rough.

  3. I knew fear and pain without God. I have known fear and pain with God by my side.

    His peace passes all understanding. His love comforts in the darkest hours. They joy I now know in Him is beyond all measure.

    I am able to lie down and rest in Him.

    But only because I have learned to trust him with all my fear and pain.

  4. Aawww, the love and patience you show your dog.

    Fear and anxiety huh? I think everyone in this world knows that but they all don’t know the peace and rest when You have Him. I have had fear and axiety in my life. Actually my whole life. So afraid of my dad. But God came into my life and slowly He changed that inside of me. Not that it didn’t come back later. It did. But He was also there. I remember me crying every night, I was so afraid. Fear makes you think of things that aren’t even there. One night I was reading the Bible and read Psalm 30 “weeping may remain for a night, but rejoicing comes in the morning”. I pointed my finger at that verse and told the Lord I want that. The next moment I opened my eyes I was surprised it was daylight because I never slept throught the night. For the first time again I saw the colours of the trees, the colours of the flowers, I noticed the sun. I jumped for joy and couldn’t stop but thank Him. This is good. Remembering what He did and still does. Praying for you, your family and church.

  5. Living in fear is a terrible burden. Our adopted son came to us as a foster child at just over a year old. He’s 7 now, the majority of his life has been spent with us, but he still feels fear and anxiety from that first year. He doesn’t even understand it, but we watch miracle after miracle unfold in his life and it’s a beautiful thing to watch. I’m so glad the fear doesn’t win!

    Thanks Herb.

  6. Herb: first, good post. Second, my younger brother & his wife adopted a little girl from China. Two families in the church I pastor have done so as well. Fear seems to be something they all struggle with. They aren’t sure if it fear from mistreatment or fear of being without something or what, but fear wracks their little hearts. I think many people are like that, like Molly-Grace: they have trouble letting go of fears. One hopes that the love of a good mom & dad or (in your case) owner helps alleviate them. And we ultimately hope introducing them to Jesus will help conquer the fear.

    1. Angel and I actually considered adopting, but we were going to do the uncommon things and adopt an older child, perhaps pre-teen. I was in the foster system and I saw a lot of kids who would never leave the system until adulthood because they were too old.

      1. One of the families in our church adopted a baby. They are now just a “come get her” away from adopting a 9 year old. My wife & I would consider it but at the ages of 57 & 59 we have shied away from it. I don’t want to be 77 and graduating an 18 year old from high school. LOL

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