the gear is gathered
one by one they are secured
mental lists scroll to infinity
final checks with hands and eyes

I look to that peak
the formidable distance
the cold fire wisps in wind
contrails rolling, tumbling out

one more check
testing straps and clasps
a long sighing breath
as I steal another look at it

trudging on in angry wind
tucking my chin to watch my steps
a mental excuse to avoid a glimpse
of that overwhelming distance to climb

one more step and another reach
a grueling fight for that next ledge
it has to be close that withered peak
I steal a glance but regret the deed

farther and higher I push
fighting the desire
to measure the way
knowing regret is its price

but I look up anyway, and sigh
I look back down and cry
this endeavor is robbing me
of the joy of the trek

closer and closer I know it must be
and finally joy begins to creep
hearing the wispy contrails whistling
I look to see that it is in reach

joy upon joy the peak is near
that place to which I’ve pressed to be
that rest that’s promised at the peak
floods my soul with joyous relief

one final push to grasp the point
the stony throne that has no king
I pull and pull at last to see that peak
but it’s just the first of too many before me

12 thoughts on “the.peak”

      1. It was the beginning – the final checks. Made of think of going on a long trip you might not come back from. I remember thinking about that a lot before giving my life to Christ. like…did I know what I was getting myself into?

          1. Haha I didn’t mean to imply your poem was sad! And, I think I might have actually been thinking of Space Oddity, rather than Major Tom. although i think they’re very simple.

            Anyway, don’t take my comment too seriously. I always thought that song (both, I guess) was kind of noble. Like, going forward without fear, even without a way back.

          2. Yea, I was reading Space Oddity. It’s a sad song. I think he had a malfunction which is why he was floating around and could do nothing about it. I could be wrong though.

  1. There’s always more in this life, but the experience we gain can make the next climb at least a little easier and we are able to lead others on the journey. Praying for you, Herb. God has great things in store for you (preaching to myself too here).

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