Part 2.

Each part of this series builds upon previous entries. I suggest reading the prior entry to activate the context of this post.

God created everything. The God who has always been, decided, at a certain point in time, to create. Everything that exists is something that He created. Even things that are man-made are mere assemblies of things that God created from nothing. Yes, nothing – as hard as it may be to consider. There are several viewpoints about how this took place. Some take a strict and literal view of the Bible’s creation stories. Yet others try to merge scientific observation with a less literal viewpoint. Between these two extremes, there is a vast ocean. But, all of these points of view are secondary to the essential truth: God did it. (John 1:3)

He created people to be like Him. No, we’re not gods – far from it. But, He did make us “in His image” – but how so? Since a physical similarity seems improbable for a transcendent God, “His image” in us shows up in things like our ability to reason on our own, our propensity towards relationship, and even in our creative tendencies. We even have a God-given spark of curiosity about Him embedded within all of us. The point is that we are not hapless creatures operating on a survival instinct, but unique individuals, able to make (and be responsible for) our own choices. (Gen 1:27)

He created us perfectly. Everything God creates is created perfectly. The universe, and everything in it, was perfectly crafted by God. Everything was created to work together in perfect harmony. But, when we look at these things now, they are certainly not perfect. The planet is broken, and torn up. The weather is volatile and often violent. And human beings – well, you’ve heard it, maybe even said it, “I’m just human – I’m not perfect.” But, imperfection is really nonhuman – it’s not how we were created to be. So, what happened? Well, for that, you’ll have to check the next post in this series. (Genesis 1:31)

16 thoughts on “2.the.created”

  1. Good stuff here – love the “able to make (and be responsible for) our own choices.” It (whatever it is) is not someone else’s fault when it comes to the choices we have made.

  2. I’m enjoying the simplicity of these and the amount of truth packed into each. I am looking forward to the next one.

    God is perfect. God is creator. God perfectly created this world and us. In Him, we are made perfect.

  3. Love this: “Between these two extremes, there is a vast ocean. But, all of these points of view are secondary to the essential truth: God did it.”

  4. I continue to appreciate this project of simplicity. I plan on referring to these in my next Christianity 101 class, keep it up Herb. Maybe you can get Dr. Tom’s “Umble” oppinion on these. LOL!

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