Yes, yes, I love tacos. I like hard-shell tacos, soft-shell tacos, fajitas (fancy tacos), fish tacos, veggie tacos – well any kind of tacos really. And yes, I eat more than my share of tacos. I like hot dogs too, but that is another story for another time. When you spend as much time as I do around tacos, you are bound to gain a few things from them – other than pounds. And I knew that if I hung in there, eventually, something other than taste-bud goodness would come from it. And here it is – ready?

Life is a lot like tacos.

No,  I’m not arguing with Mr. Forrest Gump, but I think life is more like tacos than a box of chocolates. You see, with life you really can know what you’re gonna get – at least to a degree. Just wait and see.

Life is a lot like tacos – seriously.  Do you have taco night at your house? Angel (my beautiful bride) does taco night to the extreme. We have everything you could want on a taco in these meticulously filled glass bowls – onions, pico, guaca, olives, chilies, tomatoes (both spiced and not), grated cheese, melted cheese, sour creme, salsa (sometimes multiples), and sometimes even multiple meats. She even includes multiple types of shells and tortilla chips. Yum.

Sometimes I skip the shells and just pile everything on top of a bed of tortilla chips, but usually I make both hard and soft shell tacos.

One thing is always certain – no matter how I try to avoid it, I always overflow the shell. Hard shells crack or just aren’t large enough, and soft shells split on me. Then the fillings – the marvelous, wonderful fillings – pour out on my plate and sometimes my shirt. It happens every single time.

And, every single time, I curse the shell. “You stupid brittle hard shell. You stupid wimpy soft shell.”

Today I was eating some fancy tacos (fajitas) and, you guessed it, spillage. As I was cursing (figuratively) the shell something else happened. It was like a little gnome was on my shoulder and screamed in my ear. “YOU OVERSTUFFED IT YOU NINNY!”

As a pastor I hear it a lot: “My life sux0rs!” Now, don’t get me wrong. I absolutely care about this pain. My heart breaks every time I hear it. Sometimes they blame external things, like their job, a mean coworker, or a wife that just doesn’t get it. Sometimes they blame God.

But, life is a lot like tacos. We want the wonderful goodies in there. We stuff the handy little package with as much as we can. We salivate over how good this taco is going to be! And before we even get to taste it, the fillings start spilling out. Then what do we do? We blame the shell – the handy little package. The problem is, that all along, it wasn’t the package at all that was to blame. The true blame lies in the fact that WE overstuffed the taco.

Life is a lot like tacos. I think we should take a good look at our lives. Is it really my life that sux0rs? Or, is what I have made of my life that truly suxOrs? Is it really the job, the mean coworker, the spouse? Is it really God? Or is the way that I’ve handled these relationships to blame? If I continue do things this way, what do I really expect life to be like?

Yes, I think that life is a lot like tacos.

3 thoughts on “taco.theology”

  1. Man, this is good stuff. We really do sometimes create situations in our lives and then blame others for the consequences we have to endure. How do we break out of that kind of mentality?

  2. I love it Herb. Excellent analogy. I just have one gripe. In all the time we’ve been corresponding on each other’s blogs, I have never once been invited to an extreme taco night at your house. I am deeply hurt by your oversight, but since I like to follow Jesus’ example, I will forgive you. 🙂

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