I posted another article for Strive for Maturity, a blog ministry dedicated to helping Christian men become better men. Would you honor me by going over there and reading stack.of.stuff? Oh, and pass it on to others if you find it useful or encouraging – oh, and leave a comment too! Here’s the link: and here’s an excerpt:

You may not believe the amount of mail that churches get. Of course some of it’s junk and deserves an immediate introduction to “file 13” (know what that is?). But some of it – OK a lot of it – can be truly useful. The problem is that I rarely have the time to read and react to all the good mail that comes in. So, I place it on a corner of my “desk” for later review. You may be guessing it already, but that pile builds up. It starts with a few relatively thin postcards, and ends up a mountain of postcards and envelopes, threatening to crash onto my poor dog laying below. I really had good intentions. I intended to read every one. But I just let it stack up. I promise, I am not a pack-rat, but I let these stacks pile up over the place – including my marriage.

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