I’ve been accepted as a contributor to Strive for Maturity, a blog ministry dedicated to helping Christian men become better men. I’m excited about this opportunity, and look forward to the community there. My first article, “She’s Still Your Bride” was published today. I hope you stop by and read it – comment too! Here’s the link: and here’s an excerpt:

I had this incredible professor in high school. He was the professor of Physics and Higher Mathematics. Dr. Hosterman was his name. Before becoming a teacher, he was an army physicist and aircraft pilot who flew observation flights during the nuclear experiments at the atolls in the pacific. He developed cancer as a result of that work. He daily struggled with intense pain, downing and chewing-up a half bottle of aspirin at a time. He was somewhat kooky and had some fascinating stories to tell. But, at the same time he was so genuine and pure of heart. Most fascinating to me was… [ continue reading ]

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  1. Congrats on the new writing opportunity. I’m really glad you’ve joined High Calling Blogs and will look forward to seeing you around the network. It’s a great place to connect with creative, godly people. Welcome aboard!

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