I have an admission. When a commercial comes on showing starving children, I change the channel. Before you judge me – it’s not because I don’t care. It’s because I do. It hurts me to watch children hurt. At first, I watched – and gave to the cause. Then, I changed the channel – and gave later. Eventually, I changed the channel – and stopped giving to the cause. I turned my eyes from the crisis and allowed myself to marginalize the issues.

A few months ago, I was caught off guard. A friend sent a link to a video of a guy who had a similar life path as me. He lived a life that had no resemblance to the image of God in which he was created. Then, God got a hold of his heart and he became a child of God. As he learned to love God more, he began to take on God’s passions. Sounds like me.

But then, the unexpected happened. He began to tell the story of how God’s passions opened his eyes and he began to see… them.

When he saw the crowds, he had compassion on them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd.
(Matthew 9:35)

He told how he volunteered for the Mercy Ships (floating hospitals that offer free surgical procedures to people in developing countries). He told how he watched thousands of people with tumors and malformations on their bodies receive new life through these surgeries, but tens of thousands would be turned away. I cried as I watched the newly smiling faces and the masses being turned away. He learned that the overwhelming cause of this disease and malformation was dirty drinking water.

I watched image after image of people forced to walk miles to fill a 40 pound plastic canisters with water. Every day they’d make the trek. With that 5 gallon canister of water they’d have to choose how much was used for hygiene and how much was used for drinking. To make matters worse, the water was absolutely filthy – I would not serve it to my dogs. Yet, that is all they could access, so that is what they drank.

I sat back and I cried – I admit it. I cried because I saw… them.

I am so blessed. I have so much. I take so much for granted.

Here’s how I am trying to make a difference: Watch the video at the bottom of that page. Do you see them? Will you join me?

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  1. Thanks for posting this up, I am so in the same boat and God is laying the homeless on my heart in a BIG way. We actually invited someone out to dinner with our family the other night. Was a huge step!

    Thanks for your posts brother!

  2. Excellent–seeing leads to responding. There was a group of bloggers raising money for charity:water last month and it was awesome to be a part of that. I’ve also tried to raise money for them myself about a year ago. Amazing how such a small amount can have such an impact, right? Thank you Herb.

  3. Herb, I did click on PayPal but the description says “Thrive Community Church Donation” and not “charity water” or “go give well”. Is that okay?

    1. yes – when you pay with paypal, you should see something that says “Include a note?” where you can put a message in, like “for charity water” – when you pay with paypal it goes to the church first, then we will send it to charity water.

      🙂 and THANK YOU!

  4. Herb:
    Some young teen girls from our church (Highland Park, in Lakeland, FL) have created ‘Birds for Hope’ — they sell these stuffed, cloth birds for $5/each and send the proceeds to an organization that provides clean wells for children. When they heard about the organization and the plight, their goal was to raise $500. They shared their goal and their birds at church one Sunday… They’ve sent a check for $1,000, and are getting ready to send another! They put us to shame.

    Thanks for sharing, and reminding us that it takes so little.

  5. My reaction has been much the same as yours Herb. But the past two years we have taken part in Advent Conspiracy and it has been awesome how the people have responded. I see us doing it or something similar to it again this Christmas.

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