Recently I was given a rare opportunity and privilege to participate in a task force challenged with assessing a revisioning of the Church of the Nazarene’s main web site. It seems that recently the CotN has made several moves to attempt to open up discussion about the future of the denomination beyond Kansas City (AKA Nazarene Headquarters). I have been lucky enough to have access to two of those gestures, this web task force is one of them.

We talked about specific areas of improvement in a fruitful candid way. But, what I am most excited about is having the opportunity to go beyond nuts and bolts. This task force was also an opportunity for a lot of grass roots focused people to discuss a bigger picture – what role should the site play in the denomination. But even more far-reaching, we were able to look at the even larger picture of what the headquarter’s role in the denomination ought to be, and therefore, how does the web site support that role. This is a reversal of the power-pyramid that most of us have lived with in the CotN, and frankly, it stirs some long-sleeping enthusiasm for the denomination.

It got me thinking about what role Thrive ought to play in God’s work including the church beyond the CotN, but more importantly, in helping the people of Thrive accomplish THEIR grassroots mission in their homes, places of work, and social circles. We don’t want to be in the business of programming, scripting, or approving your individual mission. Instead, we want to facilitate your mission. More to come about that from the ministry team, but also I hope that Thrive’s people begin to assess these roles as well.

In His grip,

Pastor Herb

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