Convex and Concave by Escher

Some time ago, a friend confided in me about his doubt. It wasn’t doubt over his salvation. It was doubt concerning a call on his life.

I believe that every person who follows Jesus is called to purpose, and equipped for that purpose as we step out in obedient faith.

My friend heard a call. I remember when he came to me, excited about what he had experienced. He told me how he was listening to a song, and as clear as a bell, he “heard” God speak to him. He could not say if it was audible, but he emphatically believed that his mind “heard” God speak to him. He emphatically insisted that God called him to be a minister of some type. He didn’t know what kind of minister, but he heard God’s unmistakable call.

Several years later, after doing the bible college thing, and serving in various capacities in his church, he was feeling unfulfilled, as if he was not living out his call. Consequently, he began to have doubts about whether he had a call at all.

I’ve abbreviated the rendition of the passage below for brevity’s sake, but I think I’ve kept the spirit of the passage intact (you can hover over the reference at the end of the passage to see the full text).

12So I will always remind you of these things, even though you know them… 13I think it is right to refresh your memory…, 1415And I will make every effort to see that… you will always… remember these things.

16We did not follow cleverly invented stories…, but we were eyewitnesses of his majesty. 17…the voice came to him from the Majestic Glory, saying, “This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased.” 18We ourselves heard this voice…
(2 Peter 1:12-16)

We are not first-hand witnesses of Jesus walking this earth as a man. But, we are first-hand witnesses to the work of The Comforter. The Holy Spirit has absolutely worked and spoken, and we’ve witnessed the miracles, we’ve experienced the grace, and we’ve heard God’s “voice.”

When the yeast of doubt somehow gets sprinkled into my life, I “remember when” – I remember those events when God spoke and acted so vividly and so unequivocally. There’s no telling (except when God chooses to reveal) why “desert” moments come into our lives, but I do know this: doubt fades when we “remember when.”

I walked my friend through a “remember when” experience and saw his doubt blown away like chaff.

Are you feeling doubt? Well, do you remember when…

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  1. There have been times when I experienced doubt and times when I felt unfulfilled… call them valleys, call them fatigue, call it whatever you want…

    Every time, when I come back to the feet of Jesus and His working in my life. I have felt renewed. When His purpose fills my life and guides my steps, there is a sense of rightness, joy, and energy.

    We all need reminders from time to time.
    We need to remember.

    Thank you for sharing this Herb. I will be praying for your friend.

    1. This was some time ago, the situation has passed. But you can still pray for him!

      The day I first knew God called me to ministry, a wise friend told me, “there will be times when it totally sucks to be a pastor. In those times, remember this moment -when you knew, that you knew, that you knew, beyond all doubt.”

  2. I have gone through this and wrestled with it. I did the same thing of recounting my call to ministry – I wrote it out and then told several people about it. It ended up strengthening me in what the call of God was on my life. It was invaluable.

  3. I think it’s all about perspective and timing. I know many people who feel a call on their life and it is literally years before they are prepared to do the work that God uses them for ultimately. In the mean time, what you do in the waiting is still for His glory.

    If we sit there waiting for something more, we miss the something great right in front of us. Many times, the longer we are waiting for something more, the longer we postpone what God is trying to establish in us “right now”.

    I know I’ve lived it. I know I’ve delayed the process. I find fullness in what the Lord puts before me and find contentment right there. Everything else will come in His timing.

    Easier said than done…I know.

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