Should I ask them?
~~~No, ask Me…

But how will they know my heart’s desire?
~~~I will tell them…

What if they don’t listen?
~~~That is a possibility…

But I really want this!
~~~Then wait on My workings…

What will I do while I wait?
~~~Continue to ask Me…

But my hands ache to manipulate!
~~~My hands are already creating…

But my heart screams to be heard!
~~~My heart whispers to be trusted…

But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.Β  (Matthew 6:6)

I chose to take a risk on the challenge of this verse, and submitted a private petition to God. All that was in me wanted to make the desire known, and help spur the petition along. God patiently ministered to my heart to trust Him. It was hard, but I did, and He came though.

Trust me, you can trust Him.

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  1. I do believe you that I can trust Him but to trust you? I will trust you because I appreciate and love you but you and I are not trustworthy. Are you offended now? Can’t imagine, but it’s possible.

    Oh and I love how you wrote your conversation with God.

    1. haha, no, I am not offended… but – as iron sharpens iron, we ought to share our experiences and implore others where we have learned valuable lessons… “trust me” is an American idiom that means “I have experienced this, so you can believe it” – so, I guess it was a pun of sorts for me to say “trust me, you can trust God” πŸ˜€

  2. Last night, I led a group in the intro session of Experiencing God by Henry Blackaby. One of the activities was to sign a covenant committing yourself to complete the class and all of the work that is a part of it. Interestingly enough one of the sections of the covenant deals with us understanding and accepting that we cannot force God’s leading in our lives upon others, we must trust God to lead them.

    As others have said this is so counter to our way… we want to coerce and manipulate people into doing things the way we feel led to work… But God works and leads differently for different people. And in the end, “All things work together for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose. (Romas 8:28)”

    We just have to trust Him and follow His leading on our life. Others must follow of their own accord the leading God has placed on their lives.

    1. Good stuff, Dusty. One example: I have this dream of a 24-hr prayer center at Thrive Church… I want it now, but God has constantly reinforced that when it’s time, He will move the people will support it fully…

  3. If I don’t truly desire to hear God’s voice (which means waiting and trusting for it to come), then I will settle for anything else. I don’t want to settle for anything else. I want Him. Great post Herb. Thanks.

  4. “But my hands ache to manipulate!
    ~~~My hands are already creating…”

    THAT is me, right there. I’m always manipulating. He’s always creating. What a beautiful start to me day as I read this. Thanks for your faithfulness!

    1. He is always creating. One of the biggest lessons I got from a theology professor was the affirmation that God is not aloof – he did not set things in motion and then say “Have at it – good luck!” He is active in His creation because He loves it. Thanks, Scott πŸ™‚

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