While my mind is still reeling from the images I’ve seen, today’s post is not about clean water and the well my church wants to build. But, the questions going through my mind since we began this dream have been rocking me to my core.

These are questions like:

“Do I take the abundance of my life for granted?”
“Is the fact that I grew up in a country of abundance a gift from God?”
“If so, what am I doing with it?”
“Am I glorifying God with this gift?”
“If not, how can I use this gift to Glorify him?”

I’m definitely not on a guilt trip – I do not feel remorse or guilt for enjoying the blessings of this abundant country. But I do feel as if scales have dropped from my eyes and I am seeing things differently than ever before.

13 Jesus answered, “Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again, 14 but whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life.” (John 4:13-14)

I feel as if I have just been to the well-spring of Grace, and it wells-up in my heart in ways difficult to express. The busyness of recent days has made this overflow much more apparent as I do not have time to process it, and I feel like a gushing well.

What flows is a mix of gratefulness and sadness – grateful for my opened eyes, saddened at the scene of need unfolding before me, and impassioned to do something about it. Suddenly I understand the passion of His heart (Matthew 9:35) and I feel as if I were blessed with a momentary but ingrained glimpse through His eyes (Matthew 9:36).

I’ve determined to be one of the few (Matthew 9:37). Who next will I lead to the Well?

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  1. Love the heartfelt cry of this post and I too want to overflow. Something that came to me once when preaching on overflow was that when something overflows it splashes on things around it – I want to not only overflow but I want to be splashing that overflow on anyone near me.

    Thanks for the excellent post Herb.

  2. “I feel as if I have just been to the well-spring of Grace, and it wells-up in my heart in ways difficult to express.”

    Amen! God is moving and I firmly believe we are entering into some exciting times. Over and over again I am hearing people share how God is opening their eyes and renewing their passion for Him and the gospel.

    In my own life I am being stirred. I do not know the direction yet, but I am working to be ready, available, and willing, to follow His leading.

  3. I know exactly what you mean. It can sound like guilt somewhat, but it’s really the stirring in your heart by the heart of God. I’ve asked myself similar questions and the more we get to know Jesus, the more they demand an answer. Great post. Thank you Herb.

  4. Great balanced perspective here Herb. We can definitely get self-focused but at times when our eyes are opened, we can come under a guilt trip of feeling like we shouldn’t be able to enjoy anything if anyone else is lacking. I know I’ve felt that heavily after coming back from missions to 3rd world countries.

    I believe a heart of thanksgiving will remedy the situation. If we are truly thankful, we will always find opportunities to bless. Not out of guilt, but truly out of love and compassion.

    1. Tony, excellent response – I think you are really getting what I am trying to convey about what’s going on with me. I want to be moved by God’s heart not by self-concern, whether it be guilt or gain. The fact is, I have been moved – now what?

  5. I’ve determine to be one of the few (Matthew 9:37). Who next will I lead to the Well?

    I know and feel the same burdens. The last question especially hits hard. How many haven’t tasted that cleansing water because they haven’t heard? How many have heard, but don’t understand? How many will time run out on?

    Tears are welling up.

  6. Wow … I read this after reading something today about Hudson Taylor. After tireless years of work in China, Taylor became so sick that he went home on a forced furlough so that he could recuperate. While home in London, he was thrown into crisis by the sudden re-exposure to what had once been a familiar worship environment in the West. According to his biography, “So it was alone on the sands of Brighton that Sunday morning, that he met the crisis of his life. He had gone to church with others, but the sight of multitudes rejoicing in the blessings of salvation was more than he could bear.”

    The Lord has really posed some tough questions to me on this subject. If I give out of my abundance, can I be said to be giving sacrificially at all? Scripture seems to me to posit sacrificial giving as the expected norm for Christians, and it seems like for many (if not MOST) Western Christians, it’s a challenge for us to do so precisely because we DO have such abundance.

    1. It’s because we lack perspective. But, when we open our eyes and allow ourselves to see the bigger picture, and meditate on the implications, we really do come to crisis. How do we answer the new questions that arise? What do we do to feed the resulting new compulsions?

  7. I so agree with Tony’s comment. Actually I agree with all the comments but I agree with what Tony wrote : ” a heart of thanksgiving will remedy the situation”.

    I believe if we give He gives more and we can give more. That is how I’ve experienced in my life. Thanks for sharing.

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