He is God, and God has always been.
He is God, and His voice created life.
He is God, and He made us like Him.

With our voice, we can destroy… or we can create.
With our voice, we can trod… or we can encourage.
With our voice, we can envy… or we can rejoice.

He is God, and as we disappoint, He still loves.
He is God, and He wants to walk this journey with us.
He is God, and to walk with Him, we just say, “Yes.”

With our voice, we can ignore Him, or we can talk with Him.
With our voice, we can shun Him, or we can embrace Him.
With our voice, we can hide Him, or we can shout about Him.

(Genesis 1:27)

31 thoughts on “our.voice”

      1. I believe if we stick to the definition of Wisdom coming from God (i.e. not man’s version of wisdom) then β€œThe mouth of the wise, brings forth righteousness.” would be a truthful declaration.

  1. Excellent, Herb. It’s an important time to watch our tongues! I want blessings, life, wisdom, grace, mercy, kindness to be flowing out. Glad I’m connected to the Vine and His words are abiding in me. Thank you.

  2. Seems to be a conspiracy of the Holy Spirit today – I have been studying for Sunday and it is about the flow of the Holy Spirit through us and this hits it right on the head. When we have the flow of the Spirit of God then we are His Voice.

    Good encouragement today!

  3. The first thing came to mind when I started to read was:
    Is he doing the Perkinsian style or his own style?
    But it’s your own style. Love it, love it, love it. It’s so beautiful.

    Our voice, yeah, it’s very important how we use it. I want my voice to be used for His glory.

    1. β€œI want my voice to be used for His glory.” me too!

      P.S. Perkinsian? So, Perky gets his own style now? Well, if I weren’t jealous before… just kidding. πŸ˜›

      1. Perky? Who the hack is Perky?
        Just to be sure: I meant Michael, you remember? Your weird, disturbed but so loved brother on the other blog?

          1. Yeah well, I read my comments and I guess I’m weird too. Well, that cleared it all: we’re all weird! So it’s okay. hahaha. I’m trying to justify what I did here.

  4. “With our voice, we can destroy…or we can create”

    There is so much weight on that line, I think we smile and say “oh that’s nice” but it is heavy. We can literally create with our voices. That is part of being made in His image. I’m just letting that sink it.

    1. thanks, Tony – reminds of that David Crowder song, Surely We Can Change, where he says “all the love in the world, is right here, among us – and hatred too – so we must choose what our what our hands will do”

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