Jackson was hit pretty hard by a Tornado last night that mostly affected the area near 45-Bypass and Oilwell Road. Union University was hit pretty hard. So far, there have been some injuries (some serious), but praise God no fatalities.

Thrive Church extends its deepest regards to the students and their families, who no doubt are under some serious stress at the moment. We also want to help any way that we can. I am offering Thrive’s assistance to Union and the surrounding neighborhoods.

As a church, we can help with cleanup and with housing. We are also organizing a drive for hygiene items and food. Since God has blessed us with this great big building, I think we should also offer it as a place to store donations from anyone else who would want to offer aid to this affected by this storm. We have already contacted the Red-Cross to see how we can be of assistance, including putting together a work team.

Thrive, let’s make difference.

P.S. Wednesday services will proceed as scheduled.

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