Thrive is always planning. There are always lots of things that brew for awhile before they actually become reality (if ever) at Thrive (because we are very intentional about what we do and do not do). For some time, we’ve had a few leadership team discussions around new ways of experiencing “church”. There is a lot of buzz right now about “online church”. There are churches who hold live services online, with serious attention to audience participation. Some churches have begun to hold web-cam baptisms for parts of their “congregation” who are “remote”. We’re discussing various online approaches, but we’re still letting it brew.

I am not sure what Thrive’s foray into this space will be, but it is something we are talking about. We’re not talking about it because other people are doing it, while we are striving to learn from them. We are talking about it because we see an unmistakable pattern in human behavior. Whether you like it or not, people are engaging more and more in online avenues for building relationships. I have my reservations as many of you do as well. But as was said in a “retweet” I sent out today, “If you don’t like change, you’re going to like irrelevance even less. God’s message is never irrelevant, but we can sure make our efforts at spreading that message irrelevant.

So, when you pray for Thrive, pray for your leadership team. Pray that we keep the prize always ahead of us. Whether it is an online Thrive Church, or some other method to reach those who “live” online, pray that we allow God to shape our efforts.

In His grip!

Herb Halstead, Pastor

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