This morning, my RSS reader presented a blog-post about God’s plan for your life. It reminded me of one of the “lost” blog topics I was supposed to write about but forgot about instead. Go read it. It’s good, but a different take than I intended. So, what’s my take?

Here goes…

There is no plan for your life. That’s right, there is no plan for your life. Many of us hear that when we are introduced to Christ, but it just isn’t true.

Stay with me.

Several years ago as my relationship with God began to grow deep I began to ask God, “so, what’s the plan?” I had always heard that God has a plan for each of our lives. It is a heartwarming idea that God has our lives set out before us and that all we have to do is “find” the plan. I knew that God definitely called me to be a pastor and a teacher. I wanted to know how this was going to work, and when. Several years of my life were frustrated by the search for the plan.

So, what did I do? Eventually, I just dropped the notion of finding “my” plan for “my” life. Guess what happened. The path towards bible college opened up and eventually I planted Thrive Church.

So what changed? Simply, I had a revelation. I’m really not sure where it came from, but at some point my eyes opened and I realized I was searching for the wrong plan! I was searching for “my” plan – not God’s plan.

There is no plan for my life. There is only God’s plan to reconcile the earth. The beauty of knowing Christ is not somehow discovering my life’s calling, but being able to be used by God for His purposes. He has a plan, and He calls all of us to be a part of that plan. Each of us have a role (or many) to play in God’s amazing and loving plan. As I began to ask God’ what He was doing, He began to show me how I could serve His plan.

There is no plan for my life. But, He’s given me a vocation from which to serve others for His purposes – His plan. It is His plan, in which I have a role – a role that can and probably will change many times.

So, I disagree with Matt’s title a little. He says, “stop looking for God’s plan”. But I say, “no keep looking for His plan – just stop making it about you.” He definitely has a plan. It is *His* plan – for all – not His plan for *you*. But, if you pay attention and seek His face – He’ll show you what your role could be in that plan.

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  1. Yeah… I get what you are saying.. but I am part of Gods plan, therefore God has a plan for me.. It isn't about me, but God does have a part for me to play if I am willing to seek it out.

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