First thing’s first: I hate numbers – at least for numbers’ sake. I do appreciate that numbers are one of a myriad of indicators that we can use as tools to evaluate how things are going, but I also contend that they are often mistakenly used as THE litmus test for success. And, for the record, I think the logo on the graph is stupid. Use a cross, or the words “God’s Kingdom”, or something. Blech. OK, soapbox dismounted.

In the past, I’ve admitted to having been, at times, embarrassed/ashamed of my tribe. Some of the positions we’ve taken have been just ridiculous. But, there is one thing that I firmly believe is true about this tribe: we want to be on the move, where God is moving. This has not always been the case.

My tribe has episodes of unflattering history where we placed idols before God (legalism, fundamentalism, Thankfully that is the past, and I am confident that we are doing the best we can to let God steer this ship to abundant waters. Especially in recent years, I have sensed an awakening of the passions that made this tribe grow so fast at its birth: love for the “lost”, compassion for the “hurting”, and intercession for the “disadvantaged”.

I have been secretly waiting for these reports the past two years to see the state of growth of the tribe, fully expecting that the majority of this growth is due to the rescue of the lost, hurting, and disadvantaged as people discover (or rediscover) God. I hope this is so. I mean, the growth is obvious, but I hope the growth is the right kind of growth – you know, Kingdom growth, not organizational growth.

There ya’ go.

In His grip,
Pastor Herb

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