I picked up a weird habit, I think from my dad. When he was in the military he always had these kits around the house. He had one “kit” for when he went into the field for training. It contained all the things he needed for roughing it during a training exercise. He had what he called a bug-out bag (hahaha) which was basically an emergency kit that he could quickly grab that contained the essentials for dealing with some kind of emergency event. He had a first aid kit, a grooming kit (with some not-so-manly brushes – sorry Dad), and even a few tool kits for specific tasks like gadget repair, plumbing repairs, etc.

He had lots of little kits, and I’ve picked up that habit with similar kits lying around my house. I still remember my very first kit that was all my own. It was a chemistry kit. It had about 10 experiments that you could perform, and everything you needed for all the experiments was included in the kit. These kits were very popular when I was a boy, and they were fairly safe. I know, because I tried real hard to make something destructive to no avail (grin).

We just started a new series called “The Kingdom Experiment“, and I just wanted to suggest tool-kit items (call me hokey) to help you jump-start your Kingdom Experiment. If I were going to put together a KE-Kit, here’s what I would pack in it:

1) Bible – seriously. This is not said just to make sure we maintain a certain level of “churchy” as we start this process. I truly want you to stay close to God’s word, especially the sermon on the mount, of which the beatitudes are the introduction. An iPhone or (insert other smart phone) Bible is fine, especially if it helps you keep the Bible in your kit.

2) KE Book. Now, here’s the thing: I know that you’ve all done “group-studies” before, and you know the drill: pay for a book that you will have with you at every meeting, but that you’ll never crack open except in the meetings. Please, do not let this KE become just another group-study. The weekly “devotions” are SHORT and WELL-WRITTEN. They are sometimes funny and witty, but always thought-provoking.

3) Adrenaline Shot. OK, just kidding. But, I do want you to come with enthusiasm and expectation. My biggest fear is this: that KE will be a flop for you. But, here’s the other shoe – it will only be a flip-flop, err… flop for you if you don’t come to participate well. You get what you put into this sort of thing. That means if it sucks, it’s your fault – not mine. Love ya!

4) Medal of Courage. OK, just kidding again. But, in a related way, ask the Holy Spirit to help you. He loves you and wants you to enjoy a life thriving in Him, in us, and in passing it on. With His empowering grace, you will be transformed through these “experiments.” He will show you which experiment(s) to try and He will be there with you while you do it. Just invite Him into your kit.

5) Note Pad. OK, so this can be literal or not. The KE book has lots of white-space, intentionally provided for you to write directly in the book. But, you could also use writing software, or even a voice or video recorder. But, in some way, keep a log of what you are doing and what the experience was like for you. Then get ready to share when we meet again.

The Kingdom Experiment has the potential for transforming the way you live. It could radically enrich our church. It has the potential for changing people’s perceptions of Jesus’ people. My kit is packed, and I am so ready – are you?

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