Week 5 – The Merciful

7 Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy.
(Matthew 5:7)

My daughter and I were talking about the Kingdom Experiment as we were driving. She told me how she decided to be merciful to people who were slow or annoying drivers. She explained how it was really hard for her and that she felt she did pretty well, especially knowing that the other driver would never know the mercy she extended in her heart. As she was talking I got behind someone driving REALLY, REALLY slow. I grumbled and sped around him – OK – maybe I actually growled. My daughter exclaimed, “Dad!” with extreme shock in her eyes. I looked at her in equal surprise and said, “Hey, that was your experiment, not mine!”

My chosen experiment was a twist on the “pay for someone else’s traffic ticket” experiment. I am a bi-vocational pastor, so in addition to pastoring, I also work at an architectural firm downtown. We have one-hr parking on the street, but instead of meters, we have a guy who walks around the city chalking tires and writing tickets. My idea was to print out a little note that simply said “mercy” with The Kingdom Experiment website, on it – so that they would at least know that someone had mercy on them while I could remain completely anonymous. The problem was that every time I looked, there were no tickets!!!

At first I was frustrated at not being able to complete my task. But, God started twisting my heart and got me thinking. He asks me to be merciful – to take mercy on as a characteristic of my life – to become “mercy”. He does not want me picking and choosing when and where to show mercy, but to become “mercy”. My life should gush with mercy. As I write this, I am reminded of how mad and mean I have been as my coworkers and I have picked on the “little Gestapo ticket man” – behind his back. God, forgive me. God – forgive me. Make me become “mercy” – over and over again.

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  1. Oh man, that slow driver thing got me too. You should have heard the outcry form my family one evening when I declared I was going to stay in my lane all the way to our destination. I love your takeaway on the little gestapo ticket man–it can be hard to remember that some people are just doing their jobs, especially when they seem to take pleasure in making our lives harder. But the Bible didn't tell us to extend mercy to ony those we feel deserve it.

    1. Bruce, I have to tell you. The Kingdom Experiment has been extremely useful and fruit-producing for the people of Thrive Church. We constantly refer to the lessons we learned and the changes we've made – even though we ended the series quiet some time ago now. Great job.

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