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Have you ever seen a miracle or have second-hand knowledge of a miracle involving someone you know?

I’ve prayed with and for people who claimed a dire medical prognosis only to be given a completely clean bill of health – sometimes before any medical procedure was performed. I’ve had the privilege of being a prayer partner in similar situations involving jobs, relationships, and even finances.

I’ve also seen some spectacular things, first-hand that I am sure are miracles, but I’m reluctant to proclaim them, because, frankly, I’m afraid of what people will think. But, I have also experienced other less-spectacular moments that I don’t mind sharing. I’ve literally had a knock on the door, or received an email, or received a phone call, or found an envelope in the mailbox, moments after praying for God’s intervention, which seemed like blatantly obvious “show off” moments for God.

These things add so much to my faith – faith in a God who is alive and still creative, still involved in His creation. I think these things contribute to my relatively optimistic outlook on things. I rarely worry, and I rarely get stressed emotionally.

One side-effect of being a witness to God’s power and intercession is that I am often perplexed by the hopelessness I see around me. I sometimes cry towards Heaven, and ask God why He just doesn’t make himself visible to those without hope. If only they could see what I’ve seen.

But since they could see the man who had been healed standing there with them, there was nothing they could say.
(Acts 4:14)

This had to be nerve-racking and quite frustrating for those who sought to discredit what Jesus had accomplished and was still accomplishing in people’s lives. With the visible fruit of Jesus’ healing power standing right in front of them, what could they say? What could they possibly do to hide this or explain it away? They could try (again) to defame the people involved, but they knew that would not last.

Sometimes my heart cries out for such a visible miracle to be witnessed by a mass of people. I want to see that power displayed before people of our modern age. But then, reality sets in: with illusionists like David Blaine able to make the impossible appear before people’s eyes, and with the incredible advances in visual effects technology, nothing God does will quell the doubt in those who don’t want to believe. After all, those detractors in Acts were not convinced. But still, I’m sure there were some, who were ready to believe, who were pushed along towards being convinced.

Perhaps miracles are really for the believer first – so their faith, already rooted and established in Christ’s love, would bloom and flourish. Through the resulting invigoration, we can pursue His work to the ends of the earth. Strangely, once I decided to follow Him, when looking back, I began to see the miracles He had already accomplished in my life.

Just thinking.

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  1. Amen and Amen – I have witnessed things only explained by God miraculous doing something to only have others try to explain it away. These things have strengthened me for sure.

    Excellent Post today.

  2. I’m with you on this one. Seen some amazing things that can’t just be coincidence. I don’t want to add anything to your words, just want to reflect. Excellent.

    Thank you, Herb.

      1. I agree and understand, I have been there before. It is only recently that I have made the decision to truly celebrate those moments…

        And, honestly, I am not going to promise that there will not still be times when I choose not to. <~~~ Shame on me.

        1. That decision is a celebration in it self. Let’s celebrate you decided that. I’m not a party-animal, others will disagree but it’s true. But I find always reasons to celebrate, I mean celebrating God. Can you say it that way? I mean that decision is a breakthrough for some people, I don’t know maybe for you not. But there is enough to celebrate. I really don’t know why I replied to you.

  3. “nothing God does will quell the doubt in those who don’t want to believe … ”

    How sadly true. Like Pharoah hardening his heart, there are those who have predetermined that no evidence of God’s work in the world and in the lives of His people will be sufficient. I have a family member that fits such a description, and from my interaction with them I’ve concluded that best we can do in such a case do is pray without ceasing that the stone around their hearts would be shattered.

  4. I’ve experienced miracles too. But correct me if I’m wrong isn’t it normal in a christians life that they experience miracles? Isn’t everything He does miraculous? I’m thinking “God of miracles”. Is that right? I’ve had once that I told some people about a miracle and they didn’t like it. I didn’t get at that time. It confused me. Now it doesn’t anymore. I believe it has to do with the kind of faith they have. I prayed once that God would open the eyes of my grandma because she didn’t see the miracle He had done in her life. Now she does. I need prayer by the way. Found out today that the colleague who returned from holiday is not fond of God. Scary! I have to pray God will use me for that and praying and blessing them.

  5. I completely believe in miracles. I believe it in the “coincidental” ways that some people chalk up to luck. I believe it in creative miracles like when Jesus told the lame man to take up his mat and walk.

    Paul talks about coming not in “word only, but also in power, and in the Holy Spirit and in much assurance”. I believe the Gospel is more than just words.

    At the same time, Jesus performed countless miracles and some still didn’t believe. He even told them that a “wicked and adulterous generation seeks a sign”. That didn’t stop Him from performing miracles, He just knew that those that simply sought the sign would not believe in the source.

    I do believe miracles are for believers. It does stir our faith. When we see that power in our own lives, we can bring the Gospel with the same power, the Holy Spirit and much assurance.

  6. I truly believe that there is miracle happening all the time. I personally have experienced the power of miracles I’m in the hospital right now and all the nurses can’t believe I’m doing so well. When I came in I could hardly breathe and nearly died that night. For days I held on to my bible. More than once people tried to take it from me but I wouldn’t let it go. I gathered strength from it because God tells of miracles and that those who truly believe he will help them. 1 Peter 5:10 says God of all grace, who called you to his eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will himself restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast.
    So every day I wake up I believe it’s a miracle!

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