OK. So, Avatar (the movie) is long out of the “new and exciting phase.” That means I can write a post about it without being on the bandwagon. Yay!

Beyond the cool technological magic (and in spite of the socio-political muck), I really enjoyed experiencing the movie. A lot of things spoke to me. Things like: the idea of a mutually dependent community that was not afraid to fight for its survival, and the whole tree of life thing (even though I chose to view it as an image of God, not “mother nature”). Maybe I’ll blog on those ideas later, but I want to focus on the one thing that gave me the most inspiration.

Every culture has a way of greeting one another. The Japanese bow. The French Kiss. Americans shake hands. The Na’vi of Pandora look eye to eye and say, “I see you.”

“I see you” is not an acknowledgment of being able to physically see one another. It is deeper than that. It says, “I see the person you are” or “I see the soul behind the clay vessel.” As the hero character comes to identify and empathize with the Na’vi, he learns the depth and profoundness of the greeting. “I see you,” he says to a native he comes to care deeply for. The meaning is known and understood. It is a profound moment of deep connection.

Revelation 1:17 is my favorite verse in the whole bible.

Jesus had a mission to accomplish – he had a message to send, and he needed John to pass it on. He appeared to John in all his glorified splendor (Revelation 1:13-16).  According to the first part of verse 17, it scared John, and he fainted. But the second part of the verse is what grips my heart and cause it to turn in my chest.

In the middle of this great work, in the middle of this important mission – Jesus stopped what he was doing,  reached down, touched John on the shoulder and said, “hey buddy, it’s just me, don’t be afraid.” The magnificent God of the universe, the word as flesh, stops everything, pauses his great work – and comforts John – connects with him – says, “I see you.”

– God, thank you for seeing me as worth your time – worth stopping everything for. Help me to see the people I encounter through that same love.

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