I was at Thrive Church the other evening. We worship in a warehouse building. I love it. It is very versatile, but because it is a warehouse, there are very few light switches, and none of them are conveniently located. I left something in the sanctuary, and went through the “side door” because it was the closest to me. Unfortunately, there are no light switches at this door. As I opened it and looked in, I saw that it was incredibly dark, even with some light peering in from the door I was getting ready to walk through. I took out my iPhone, and launched my flashlight app, but it hardly gives out any light – I could hardly see. I knew we had some furniture in the middle of the way, so I walked slowly, with the “flashlight” just barely lighting each individual step. I had no frame of reference except my memory of the room and this tiny, dim spot on the floor.

(Psalm 119:105)

Your word is a lamp to my feet

and a light for my path.

According to this passage (in context) I can trust in what God has already done and said – and that is enough to light my path.

I am preaching a series through the book of Daniel, titled “Trust God.” I have to admit it has been as personally challenging to me as to anyone in the congregation. I have a particular situation in my life right now where the way has become obscured. I cannot see beyond this moment. But, I want to see MORE than just the step I am taking right now. I want to see MORE than the limits of the faint light before me. But sometimes, God works like that iPhone “flashlight” – revealing just enough so that we can put our foot down firmly – and that’s it.

Can you live with that?

8 thoughts on “i.can.barely.see”

  1. First off, I never knew there was an app for that. (sorry that was corny)

    Seriously though, this hits hard. I too desire to see past this moment. I too want to see more than the current step. I’d like to open the book and go the the last chapter and see how it ends.

  2. Herb, this is a great post and illustration. We are on the same page today (at least in writing). 🙂 My mind can take me all over the place, but the uncertainty doesn’t have to take up residence there if I watch for it and combat it with truth. Thanks.

    1. “residence” – I love that word – we are all going to have at least fleeting thoughts of uncertainty and doubt – because we have the witness of His word, and His past experiences with us, we ought to be able to sweep those fleeting thoughts out the door.

  3. When I sit and think about it. The light to me shows that God is with us and provides what we need. It brings me back to James 1:2-5, I love those verses.

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