I bought a laptop table that is meant to be pulled up to you while you sit in a chair. I’ve been tinkering with it ever since I got it, because I’ve never been satisfied with it. It does not work the way I want it to work. So, I decided ti try to fix it.

I rounded up some tools and began to take it apart so that I could rebuild it the way I wanted it. Unfortunately, I broke it.

So now, instead of being marginally useful, it’s now absolutely useless and I am furious with myself.

11 Then Moses raised his arm and struck the rock twice with his staff. Water gushed out, and the community and their livestock drank. 12 But the LORD said to Moses and Aaron, “Because you did not trust in me enough to honor me as holy in the sight of the Israelites, you will not bring this community into the land I give them.”
(Numbers 20:11-12)

This wasn’t the first time Moses got water from a rock. In Exodus 17:6, during their wilderness wandering, God instructed Moses to strike a rock to get water. But this time, as they are campaigning to take the promised land, God tells Moses to speak to the rock instead.

I’m not sure why God wanted Moses to speak to the rock this time. Maybe God wanted the people to see that God’s power alone was responsible. Moses thought he knew better and paid a price. Interestingly, God still made water flow from the rock – He still met the people’s needs.

Just like I tried to “fix” that table, I’ve tried to second-guess God’s handiwork. I’ve tried to “fix” circumstances and timetables to help make situations “better.” Time and time again, I’ve done this. Sometimes things worked out “OK” but other times I really messed things up. The thing is, God knows what He’s doing. He doesn’t need my “fixes.” What He wants is for me to trust Him, do what He says, and allow His Glory to flow. It will always turn out better – I will be happier with the result, and He will shine.

Hmm… maybe that’s the problem: maybe I want to be the one who shines. Much to learn, I have… much to learn…

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    1. Haha – glad you picked up Yoda (it was intentional) haha – that lap-desk does look pretty comfortable. That would definitely work, but what I am shooting for is a desk that I can push away from me when I need to, but not have to find somewhere else to set it down. Does that make sense? LOL

  1. Hey Bro’ I once fixed a dishwasher that not only washed dishes, it washed the floor as well!
    Trusting Him and His timing are some of the hardest lessons in life…and yet, He still meets our need…which is more of Him.

    Thanks for you honesty bro’


    1. Wow, a double duty dishwasher. I’d say that is added efficiency, bro! Good Job, man! (grin).

      P.S. ((炉`路._.路(炉`路._.路(炉`路._.路 !!!1000th Comment!!! 路._.路麓炉)路._.路麓炉)路._.路麓炉)) You have posted the 1000th post on my blog (yay!) and I have pre-determined to send a gift to the 1000th poster, a book. If you want it, DM me on twitter and I can get it shipped to you.

  2. I have messed things up when I like Moses thought I knew better than God and had a Frank Sinatra moment and “Did it MY way”. Good illustrations and point.

    I am proud to be 1001 or 1002 or 1003…..

  3. This may be a little off topic, but these are thoughts your post provoked within me:

    As I was studying in Experiencing God, I ran across this instructional idea: “We do not need to rely on our own experience to interpret God’s will. Instead we should seek God through his word and ask the Holy Spirit to serve as the interpreter.” (I do not have the book in front of me so I am paraphrasing.)

    When Moses struck the rock, I believe he was acting on His past experience instead of trusting in God’s will and command to be sufficient for the current situation…

    I am guilty of the same. I try and fix things according to what I think I know, instead of simply relying and obeying the God of all knowledge and wisdom.

    1. I think it’s on topic, and good stuff, Dusty. I agree – he was acting on his own experience. The side-effect, that he may not have intended was that God didn’t get the “credit.”

    2. Oh, that’s good, Dusty! I’m a formula person. If I do something one way, one time and it works, I have a tendency to try to always do it that way, forever and ever, Amen. Because it worked ONE time! I’ve seen churches do that, too. If we sing The Revelation Song one Sunday and the Spirit really moves, then suddenly, we want to sing it all the time. Or with youth retreats… It seems like because the Spirit always seems to move the strongest on Saturday night (the last night of the event), we sometimes focus so hard on that Saturday night that we don’t let God move any other time.

    1. Well put, Bill. I wish I was inclined to put away the tools. The problem with me, is that I am a problem solver by trade – that is what architects do – we solve problems of space, form, function, utility. I am really hard-wired to try to fix things.

  4. Herb, this post is so convicting to me! I’m so much like my namesake. Sarah tried to help God and Ishmael was the result. I have a history of trying to help God and I have left a flock of Ishmaels in my wake. But I’m learning a little more every day that I must seek Him and His will with my WHOLE BEING. And if I’m focused on that, then I don’t have the time or energy to spend on creating yet another Ishmael.

  5. Oh man, I have tried too many times to fix things for God, and I am nowhere close to being a handy guy in any sense of that word. Good stuff, Herb. We have to listen and obey. It’s the only thing that will bring about His life! Thanks.

  6. Oh my God! This is serious business people, but you made me laugh, guys! I’m not even going to start and tell you that I fix things because I think I know better than Him. Oh, I just did tell you. Well, at Dusty’s post I read that He is God of wisdom, God of all. Glad He is still waiting for me to come back and give it back to Him so He can fix it, again.

    Glad Sarah came along… some extra female influence is good here. Thank you.

      1. You’re talking to me? What is Michael’s fault?
        I could agree of course. Michael, it’s your fault.
        Just realized if we would be talking in person to each other and Michael would be there I would have pointed at him and told him it’s his fault. I might even have laughed at him. Not good, right? Another thing He has to fix. It’s not nice of you to write posts like this. Don’t do that again. Bye bye. Going to zzzzzzzzzzzzleeep.

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