I was approached Sunday morning after church by one of our folks who wanted to share with me that her ex-husband, his new wife and their son had started a personal relationship with Jesus Christ a few days earlier. I had heard many very disturbing and alarming stories about this couple. When she shared this good news, I realized that I had given up on them, and was immediately convicted by the Holy Spirit. I think it is easy to look at the state of the world and give up on it, especially seeing how far people are from God’s standard. However, if we look at our own lives, even those of us who have enjoyed a long relationship with Jesus, we should realize that we still miss the mark by a great distance. The love of God transcends all understanding. Even as our heart testifies to the experience of measures of His love, we can never speak words appropriate enough to describe it. Realizing this ought to drive us to our spiritual (if not physical) knees. His grace is greater than ALL my sin – and ALL of their sin too. I repent for giving-up on this family, and for losing hope for the world to be redeemed by the great “I AM”.

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