It’s been a while since I have flown and I was pretty surprised at the level if security. It was condition orange, and they actually setup up a separate checkpoint well before the gates. I watched the pros get their pockets clean, shoes off and laptops out within seconds while the rest of us fumbled around like lemmings without a leader. It was chaotic and stressful and it took forever. Finally, once through the check points we were able to relax. There was an incredible sense of calm. People were back to normal on the “safe” side of the gate. We were free to move about as long as we stayed on the “safe” side.

It got me thinking (you know pastors are always looking for the theology within life’s moments). There are many “security check points” that we must endure. From dealing with tough relational issues, to struggling through financial burdens, to enduring severe tragedy. It always seems so unbearable while in the thick of it, but we can all recall many transitions to the “safe” side.

There is always a “safe” side (sometimes temporal, sometimes eternal). God promises it. As hard as it seems, we really must search for the gate to the “safe” side, marked by God’s love for each of us. “Seek first the Kingdom of God.” When He is in view, everything else fades and our conscience is filled with the destination, not the circumstance.

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