Something different today. I’ve been wanting to do a video blog for some time, but I had some lofty expectations and wanted to “produce” something. I wanted it to be perfect. But that’s not who I really am. I am far from perfect. If you read this blog regularly, you are my friend – and I figured it was time to let down the virtual curtain between us. Thanks to John Saddington for the inspiration to “close the gap”.

28 thoughts on “good.morning”

  1. The Vlog is great – although I thought you were going to say here is where I get fired! It was also great to see the place where “all the magic happens”. Herbie World seems like a nice and fun place 🙂

    I enjoyed it my friend!

  2. That was great! I’ve thought about doing something like this, but I hesitate for the same reasons you did. Yeah, I’ve got my issues.

    Couple things: thank you for making sure your nose was clean for all those up-the-nose shots in the car; and second, I about laughed out loud when you showed your workspace and said “a chair there with a terminal” (in case we got it confused with a jackhammer and a sheepdog). 🙂

    Seriously though, I loved this. Good stuff.

    1. haha – well I didn’t check until editing the video about the nose 🙂 and about the “terminal” the point was that it was not just two chairs, but two workstations meaning I am sharing my office right now with someone else 🙂

  3. I’m so glad you did this Herb. I was literally just thinking the other day that I wish all my blog buddies did a vlog so I can see/hear them. I always have this voice in my head of what I think everyone sounds like when they talk. This dispels the mystery.

    I saw John’s blog the other day too and I’ve been hesitant to do one for the same reasons but I think it’s time to just jump out there and try it.

    Also, I think the time was perfect. More than 5 minutes and I don’t think people will watch the whole thing.

    Thanks for inviting us into a small part of your world, friend.

        1. A couple things I learned while doing this…

          1 – The front facing camera on the iPhone records in 4:3 format, while the backside records in 16:9.

          2 – iMovie for iPhone lets you assign titles to an entire clip, not just anywhere in the timeline. Well, it could be that I just could not figure out how to do it.

          3 – I think I am going to get an articulating mount for my car, so that I can get it the angle higher, and have both hands available to me while driving. I was just lucky that there were no incidents during my trip.

          4 – There is a wait between upload and “live” when at YouTube. But, YouTube does try to publish your video at low-quality so that it can make it live as soon as possible, then it processes the high-quality vid in the background.

          5 – Processing video on the iPhone uses lots of battery power.

          1. Ah good to know. Not sure if I’ll try it on my iPhone or my iMac web cam. I’ve never used iMovie but I heard it’s pretty easy (relatively speaking) to pick up.

            Have you tried Vimeo at all?

          2. yeah, I like vimeo, but the iPhone doesn’t give me that option. I could have moved it to my computer first, but I was trying to do this all on the iPhone. BTW, I am going to replace the one above with an HD version that I just edited with titles, as another part of this experiment.

  4. There are people who don’t know how a tree look like???!!!! Where are they from… Mars?

    Sunglasses! It’s like I only see American pastors wear sunglasses, and I’m surprised you live in Tennessee! Isn’t that where cowboys are? Shouldn’t you be on a horse or something like that? Yeah, where’s your hat?

    I loved the pictures of those buildings you made.
    That’s it from me. Bye bye.

    1. haha – there are places in USA that don’t have many trees, and the ones they do have look dead 😀

      It’s bright! Have to wear sunglasses 🙂

      Not many cowboys in Tennessee – country boys, yes, but not cowboys (except Nashville). Texas, where Michael lives, has tons of cowboys.

      Thanks about the buildings.

      1. Michael lives in Texas? He is a cowboy? Michael?! Oh boy, I can see it now. Michael on his horse rushing to April to save her from bears, hahahaaaaaaa.
        I’m so tired I could laugh about anything.

        I really will miss you all, you crazy, funny weirdos. You, Dusty, Michael, Jason, have fun.

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