Inspired by some of my new-found favorite bloggers, I decided to reflect on some of the things I’ve run across during the week. I’ll call this “friday.folio” with the intention of doing this every Friday. We’ll see how well that holds up!

I’ve read so many things that I could post, but here are five that really got me reflecting on my own faith journey.

The “Greet Your Neighbor” Blues is a piece by Kristen at The House Studio, [one of] my favorite publisher[s]. I’m always evaluating “how” we do “church” and posts like these naturally tug at my curiosity. We try to be extremely intentional about what we do and how we do it at Thrive Church. Everything has a reason and purpose.  How intentional are you about what you do? Have you thought about how people receive it?

Before and After is a picture-post  by Michael Perkins from the blog “Untitled.” I really appreciate how he uses simple “pictures” (mental and literal) to bring out our “God of every moment”. Here, he graphically illustrates what his life looked like before Jesus and after. What would your before and after “snap shot” look like.

9-Inch Choices is a piece by Scott Couchenour from the blog “Serving Strong.” It is a reminder that a small thing can be the source of some serious ugliness. I believe that we fall not by the weight of huge mistakes, but under the constant silent complacency of small improprieties.

Church as a Lighthouse?” is a piece by Zee from the blog “The Observer.” Here, Zee considers our individual role as light-bearers for Jesus. Do we truly embrace the notion that it is our job, as individuals, to point people to Jesus? Or do we “let the church do it?”

God Was Rejecting My Worship” is a piece by Jerod, from “Church Juice.” He transparently reflects on a personal problem with worship that I think is far too common than any of us realize are are willing to admit. Is your worship acceptable to God?

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