Here’s this week’s “friday.folio,” a hat-tip to some of the things I’ve read the past week that surprised / encouraged / challenged me.

1. “Shut Up and Listen” is a post by Brad Lomenick. It is a message urging “perspective” for young leaders. Am I still one? ha ha ha ha! I don’t know if I still qualify, but I sure took the message to heart.

2. “Touring Whine Country” is a guest post by Jason Stasyszen’s wife, Andrea. Notice the word in the title is “whine” not “wine.” Andrea’s mother’s heart comes through with a message we all need to hear from time to time – maybe now? You decide.

3. “To Those Who Quit the Church” is a post by Jason Stasyszen. When I first saw the title, I said to myself, “Oh no – not another Anne Rice blog post!” But, trust me, this is not what you are expecting.

4. “Which Version of the Bible is the Best?” is a post by Ryan Tate. Again – not what I expected from the title. Please go deeper than the book’s cover – click the link – read to the BOTTOM. I really think this might be my favorite reading of the past week.

5. “That Church” is a post by Duane Scott. have you ever heard people talking down another church in public? Was it your church they were talking about? Have you ever been the one doing the talking?

I want to start using “friday.folio” as a way to meet new bloggers.

So, if you’ve run across a good post today, please share it below – even if YOU wrote it :-)

8 thoughts on “friday.folio”

  1. Wow, Herb! Thank you so much for including me here (and two from my blog!). I appreciate your heart and passion, your insightful words, and I’m glad to get to know you better. Thanks again!

  2. ““Oh no – not another Anne Rice blog post!” But, trust me, this is not what you are expecting.” I know. I was thinking the same thing, but loved Jason’s post.

    Thanks for including me! Sadly, I didn’t get around to RSSing your site until today. Looking forward to reading more from you in the future. 🙂

    1. haha – I didn’t RSS you until today either – I was “late” posting this today because I cold not find that post – I had forgotten that you were the author, and it wasn’t showing up in my RSS reader.

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