Here’s this week’s “friday.folio,” a hat-tip to some of the things I’ve read the past week that surprised / encouraged / challenged me.

1.The Nowism of Grace” is an article by Paul Tripp at “Desiring God.” We can easily see the beauty of the Gospel for Salvation and Eternity – but what about the in-between? Do you live as if you have been saved by Grace?

2.Inklings” is a post by Ryan Tate at “Doorframes of TaterHouse.” Ryan explores how God sustains us through things by simple, yet profound, reminders and glimpses of Grace through community with one another.

3.God Uses Blogs And Twitter” is a post with a story, by Michael Perkins at “Untitled.” Michael shares how relationships made on twitter eventually facilitated a movement of God in a person. I won’t spoil it any further.

4.Devotional on the Psalms” is an entry by Pastor Scott Cundiff at Daily Devotional Writing from Pastor Scott.” As the title of his blog suggests, he writes daily devotionals. I try to read them because I really like his down-to-earth style. This post is about “riding the roller-coaster” with David. I think you’ll like it.

5.Count Your Blessings!” is a post by a friend and fellow Thriver, Diana Joyner. She just started a blog called “Zephaniah 3:17.” This post is her second entry, and it humbles me. The post challenges our view of blessings – are they our blessings or God’s?

6. Finally – something funny! I preach from an iPad (which I am trying to sell) and I  thought the post, “Pastors who read sermon notes from an iPad” by Scott Acuff at “Stuff Christians Like” was pretty funny, even though it did not describe me AT ALL.

I want to start using “friday.folio” as a way to meet new bloggers. So, if you’ve run across a good post today, please share it below – even if YOU wrote it 🙂

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    1. Caleb, to get it to do the most recent go to comluv. You need to create and account so that it will update your feed as soon as you write a new post.

  1. Herb, thanks for including me in your friday folio. I appreciate the encouragement. And there are some great reads you’re sharing too. Thanks.

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