Here’s this week’s “friday.folio,” a hat-tip to some of the things I’ve read the past week that surprised / encouraged / challenged me.

1. “The Path of Greatest Resistance” is a post by Jason Stasyszen who writes at “Connecting to Impact“.  This should have been listed in last week’s list, but somehow I missed finding it again in my feeds. I’ve always been fascinated with Jesus’ conversation with God in the Garden of Gethsemane. What did they say to one another that was not recorded? What physical, emotional, and spiritual battles were being raged there. Jason, in his mind’s eye,  peeks in on this conversation.

2. “Private Confession” is a post by Pete Wilson at “WithoutWax.” He is a pastor of a church in Nashville, and the author of a book titled “Plan B” which I have not read yet, but is on the list. I found his blog through a post by the blogger “Zee” and subscribed out of curiosity. This post deals with who we confess to. I won’t spoil it by saying any more than that.

3. “Dreaming With a Troubled Heart” is a piece by Duane Scott. It is a beautifully written narrative account of a restless night he endured. I won’t spoil it with any further description. But, I will say it is stunning writing.

4. “Andy Stanley Interviews Jim Collins” is a link to a Catalyst video on Ron Edmondson’s blog. I probably should have direct linked it to the Catalyst site, but I found it via Ron, so he deserves the “finder’s fee” – hahaha. There are some seriously good “quotes” in there for those who are involved in leadership.

5. “Love Indescribable” is a poem by Jesse Joyner, who has a new blog called “Seeking His Face Blog“. It’s great, ‘nuf said.


5 thoughts on “friday.folio”

  1. Thank you, Herb. I appreciate being included and like I said there, it was our conversation here that got me writing. Thanks for writing a thought-provoking, spiritually-engaging blog. You are much appreciated.

    1. No problem, Jason. My readership is so small that it hardly seems like much “promotion”, but I like to promote things and people that I appreciate in whatever way I can.

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