I did not set out to make money from my blogging. It began as a place just to post random thoughts, and has now become an intentional way to stay “in” God’s word. But, it may be necessary someday to consider using this blog as a means of supporting my ability to be a minister of the Gospel – a sort of cyber-tentmaking thing. If that happens, it will ONLY be within the context of providing thought-provoking insights into scripture.

I do have an Amazon affiliate account, which will probably be a part of any books or music links I present. There’s a small commission that I earn if you buy from such links.

I suppose that there may come a time when I will be asked to review something (product), and if that happens, I’ll try to remember to indicate that I was asked to review it, and by whom.

I don’t think this will happen, but some day I might accept sponsored “ads” on this blog. I’ll be picky about it if I do, and it will be clear that is an ad. Of course, if an ad appears on this site, that does not mean that I endorse what is being presented, just that they are paying me to show it.

Finally, images on this web site come from 4 sources.

  1. stock photo services, to which I’ve paid real money to use the images
  2. my own original graphics or photography
  3. friends who’ve told me I can use their images
  4. things I’ve found on the web (I either make new works with them as source or attribute the source)

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