Yay! My very first guest-posting opportunity πŸ˜€

Jonathan Pearson, of [un]common asked me to guest post on his blog, based on a comment I made.

I’m pretty stoked about being given this opportunity by someone I respect a lot.

Yay! Here’s a snippett, go read the rest using this link.

We all prayed for Gary – a lot. Whenever a call for prayer requests was voiced, Gary was the first to respond with an issue that needed our prayers. Conversations with Gary quickly turned towards his problems, and he always had a problem. Gary was an addict, addicted to attention. People began to resent Gary. They would roll their eyes when he spoke. They tried to ignore him when he tried to enter into conversations. They began to avoid him.

As one called to shepherd, it breaks my heart to see a β€œGary” because… [ read more ]


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