Well, I have always been a big fan of the IntenseDebate comments system. But, today I spent a few hours getting rid of it from my blog. So, if I am such a big fan, why was I ditching it?

First, one of the big features of IntenseDebate is threaded comments. Now that WordPress 3.0 is out, which includes threaded comments, IntenseDebate has lost one of its big draws for me.

Second, IntenseDebate’s syncing just doesn’t work reliably. One of the much touted features is this sync ability, which is supposed to synchronize my comments on both the IntenseDebate platform and my local WordPress database. That way if I ever decide not to use IntenseDebate, my comments would still be intact with the WordPress default comment system. The other cool thing that syncing affords is the ability to use IntenseDebate for desktop users, but present the simpler default WordPress comment system to mobile users. Well, that is where I discovered that the sync wasn’t working. It was a huge mess.

Third, IntenseDebate has NO way to re-sync when things get messed-up. So, there was no way to match up the comments between the IntenseDebate system and my WordPress local database. If there were, I would just sync-up and continue on my merry way loving IntenseDebate. So much for “easy”.

After none of my support emails were returned I decided to try to sync the comments myself since I know a bit about how to do these things manually. Even with some automation this was going to take a while. Once I invested an hour of my life in the process (with a couple more hours of manual work in front of me) I decided that I was NOT going to get into this predicament ever again.

So, goodbye, IntenseDebate.

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