I have the privilege of writing as a guest at “A Heart That Burns” – a blog by my friend, Chad Elliot.

I wrote about the banners we Christians wave. Here are a couple excerpts:

Giving a little background:

My bride and I, along with a small handful of people, planted a new church that launched in 2007. In the midst of a heavily Baptist town (a Baptist college is here), the Church of the Nazarene is pretty unknown here, even though there have been at least two different Nazarene churches in the town over the previous century. Both of those churches are now gone, the last closing in 2006. I still have people ask me “what is a Nazarene?” even after being here for four years (in March 2011). It’s hard to give them a short version of an answer to that question.

Changing the questions:

Then I say, “but none of that matters, does it?” That is usually met with a tilted head and confused look in their eyes. What matters most, above all, is our unity in Jesus Christ. What matters is our common beliefs in the one, true God, who sent His Son Jesus to rescue us from the perils of sin, and give us new life that we live with the graceful help of the Holy Spirit.

I’d love for you to share your thoughts. You can find the post by clicking this link.

I appreciate all who dare to read what I write – you bless me.

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  1. Thanks for the post. Here in the northwest, it seems that a lot of times denominations mean little to people so your post was interesting to me. I find that a lot churches are trying to appear as non denominational as possible even if they aren’t. I don’t think that is necessarily bad though it can sometimes be deceptive a bit. I do think you had a great point. The banner we fly should be the one of Christ. And I do think there is a movement going on im America of people who want to take in the whole scripture and apply it to their lives no matter what their denomenational background is. It is a wonderful thing to see it happening.

    1. Doug, thanks for the conversation.

      The northwest is not alone in exhibiting that phenomenon… even though denominationalism is strong here, so is non-denominationalism… there is even one denomination that insists it is not a denomination, and their churches claim “non-denominational” as their affiliation, yet they are all aprt of the denomination – funny stuff… I think we all need to be genuine, as you assert, and be who we are – but we can do that without raising our banners (aka associations) above Christ, and we can do that without thrashing the banners of other parts of the body. I too am thrilled to see Wesley’s statement becoming a reality for more and more Christians.

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