I’m nursing a knot in my gut
sensing something is up
reaching for invisible answers
watching for subtle clues

I’m nursing a knot in my gut
the signs are growing flesh
little things said in certain ways
things unsaid revealing much

I’m nursing a knot in my gut
face to face with the messenger
no more guessing the words are clear
worst fears realized and real

I’m nursing a knot in my gut
Holy Spirit help turn fear to hope
work in hearts and minds to heal
reveal the path we are to embrace

I’m releasing a knot in my gut
it’s still lingering here for now
but soon it will be a memory passed
a testimony to Grace and Love

13 thoughts on “a.knot.in.my.gut”

  1. Wonderfully said, Herb. We feel the fear and anxiety, but we can always fall into that place of trust because He’s faithful. We are in the shelter of His wings. Thanks–praying for you too.

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