Week 4 – Those Who Hunger and Thirst after Righteousness

Fifty-Two. That is the number of feeds, in three categories, that I follow in my RSS reader.  If you’re an information junkie and are not familiar with RSS, then you really need to be. Basically, RSS “pulls” recent entries from blogs, websites, and other information sources, and presents them to you in a list. The killer feature of RSS is that it does this automatically. You don’t have to go to every information source that you follow to get the “latest”.

It is very convenient for people with a lot of interests and who follow a lot of sources. In my case, instead of visiting 52 different information sources everyday, I just open my RSS reader. I can then peruse the titles and descriptions of each entry and read the ones I’m interested in, then mark all the feeds as “read”. It is a tremendous time-saver – especially for someone with such a voracious appetite for information.

I looked through my list recently. I noticed a few things. First, I have four categories of information: technology,  iPhone, and “church”. The church category is definitely, by far, the largest category. With 30 entries, it is currently larger than the other two categories combined. That should earn me a gold star – right? Well, maybe not. There are a lot of good sources in there, mostly to do with re-thinking ministry. But,  there is only one feed that has something directly to do with God’s Word – one. And to be honest, I usually mark those entries “read” without actually reading them.

6 Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled
(Matthew 5:6).

About 10 years ago (wow!) I was introduced to a song called “Breathe“. Many have covered the song, and I am not sure who the original artists are but I think it was some folks affiliated with Vineyard Music. Their recording is certainly the “best” one in my opinion. The essence of the song is that God’s Word is so vital to us that it is the air we breathe, the bread we eat – absolutely necessary to our very lives.

Do I hunger and thirst for righteousness? Are you ways my sustenance? Is Your Word the fuel of my soul? God, burn in me such a passion for Your Ways and Your Word – that I see them as VITAL to my flesh and my spirit.

To this end, I decided to embark on a  bible reading plan (Chronological – YouVersion). I’m also researching tools to help me incorporate the Bible into my life more, like this one for the iPhone called Bible Verses App. I’d be interested in any tools you use to keep the Bible in front of you.

This morning, my RSS reader presented a blog-post about God’s plan for your life. It reminded me of one of the “lost” blog topics I was supposed to write about but forgot about instead. Go read it. It’s good, but a different take than I intended. So, what’s my take?

Here goes…

There is no plan for your life. That’s right, there is no plan for your life. Many of us hear that when we are introduced to Christ, but it just isn’t true.

Stay with me.

Several years ago as my relationship with God began to grow deep I began to ask God, “so, what’s the plan?” I had always heard that God has a plan for each of our lives. It is a heartwarming idea that God has our lives set out before us and that all we have to do is “find” the plan. I knew that God definitely called me to be a pastor and a teacher. I wanted to know how this was going to work, and when. Several years of my life were frustrated by the search for the plan.

So, what did I do? Eventually, I just dropped the notion of finding “my” plan for “my” life. Guess what happened. The path towards bible college opened up and eventually I planted Thrive Church.

So what changed? Simply, I had a revelation. I’m really not sure where it came from, but at some point my eyes opened and I realized I was searching for the wrong plan! I was searching for “my” plan – not God’s plan.

There is no plan for my life. There is only God’s plan to reconcile the earth. The beauty of knowing Christ is not somehow discovering my life’s calling, but being able to be used by God for His purposes. He has a plan, and He calls all of us to be a part of that plan. Each of us have a role (or many) to play in God’s amazing and loving plan. As I began to ask God’ what He was doing, He began to show me how I could serve His plan.

There is no plan for my life. But, He’s given me a vocation from which to serve others for His purposes – His plan. It is His plan, in which I have a role – a role that can and probably will change many times.

So, I disagree with Matt’s title a little. He says, “stop looking for God’s plan”. But I say, “no keep looking for His plan – just stop making it about you.” He definitely has a plan. It is *His* plan – for all – not His plan for *you*. But, if you pay attention and seek His face – He’ll show you what your role could be in that plan.